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Last-Minute Bookings

If you need a professional car service during your visit to Ibiza - we strongly recommend that you pre-book your daily chauffeur before your arrival. , ibiza chauffeur, ibiza car service,  private car service ibiza, private driver ibiza, limo service ibiza,

About Ibiza Chauffeur Service

"we're here to make sure our clients travel in style...
a reliable, high quality, English-Speaking, professional chauffeur service"

* We do not use 'photos of new model vehicles' to mislead you - our cars are displayed on this website and are genuinely available when you book our Ibiza Chauffeur Service. A full description of our cars can be found here on our website so that you know 'exactly' what to expect when you book our services.

The Ibiza Chauffeur Service comes to you from professionals who share the same goal - to provide a 'Premium' service at competitive rates - assisting our clients throughout their visit to Ibiza.

Our fleet consists of a Mercedes G-Class, Mercedes GL-Class, Mercedes V-Class, Mercedes S-Class, Audi Q7 and Range Rover Autobiography models (all driven by professional personal assistants) and is currently one of the most prestigious car services available in Ibiza. If you desire a reliable, professional chauffeur service with English speaking drivers for your visit - you have found it here.

Our service specifically targets the demand for the highest quality, professional transportation in Ibiza. You can book multiple 'A-B journeys' and have a private driver available 24/7... our pricing is simple and easy to calculate so you're always in control of the costs.