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(FAQ) Chauffeur Service Ibiza

How much does it cost for a chauffeur service in Ibiza?

Our chauffeur service can cost as little as €450 per day. During the months of May, June & October we have reduced rates and special offers that allow you to hire our chauffeur service in Ibiza as an on-call private driver service.

Do you have Mercedes V-Class Minivan with driver in Ibiza?

Yes, we have many Mercedes V-Class Viano Minivans with driver. Some people still refer to this minivan as the Mercedes Viano - but the latest model is actually named the Mercedes V-Class. You can hire this model minivan with one of our professional chauffeurs.

Can I hire a luxury car with driver?

Yes you can hire many different model luxury cars with driver here in Ibiza. We specialise in Luxury SUV's - we have Range Rovers, Mercedes Brabus Editions 4x4 & many other luxury cars for hire with a driver.

Can I hire a chauffeur for 1 hour in Ibiza?

Yes you may be able to hire a chauffeur for 1 hour with other companies - but we specialise in providing special & limited edition cars and minivans as a full time chauffeur service in Ibiza. Unfortunately demand is too high for our service to allocate a 1 hour service.

Why don't you collaborate with concierge in Ibiza?

Concierge here in Ibiza are not interested in the highest quality services - they want the lowest cost option so they can make the biggest profit margins. Ibiza VIP Chauffeurs were one of the first business here in Ibiza to stop working with local concierge. If you are a concierge based outside of Spain we would be happy to assist your clientele.

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