, limousine hire in Ibiza,

Save hundreds of € euros

every day when you hire our

Private Car Service in Ibiza!

" If you are a VIP client who uses a concierge to organize your entertainment reservations - reading this will save you thousands of euros during your visit to Ibiza.

When you hire one of our Professional Drivers you are hiring more than just a luxury car service in Ibiza - you're hiring a Personal Assistant with access to our entire team's network & knowledge ".

Our chauffeurs are Island residents - we live here in Ibiza. Our British Operations Director has been a resident of the Island since the inception of our business in 1997... that's 23 years of Ibiza contacts & professional relationships @ your disposal.

Our parent company is the Diplomat Protection Group - Ibiza's longest standing private security company. We drive the Islands' elite visitors. We have 23 years history of maintaining the very highest standards of service with everything that we do.

Once you have met one of our Chauffeurs you will understand why our regular clientele have stopped paying for local concierge assistance. In most cases they are now saving hundreds of euros every day, whilst enjoying upgrades & special attention - normally reserved for 'connected people'.

Our duty as your Chauffeur is to anticipate your needs & assist you wherever we can - making arrangements through superior contacts or upgrading existing arrangements. We include all of this additional assistance as part of our professional duty.

Honesty & Integrity

  • We do not charge extra for our assistance.
  • We do not manipulate prices to create extra profit.
  • We do not accept commissions from 3rd party suppliers for recommendations.

This honesty & clarity translates into Ibiza's premier car service that saves our clients many hundreds of euros each day... many thousands of euros over a week!

Concierge cannot offer genuine recommendations when profit dictates the choices they offer the client... by removing commissions & incentives from the process - our team can offer recommendations & assistance that are truly in the clients best interest!

The Numbers Don't Lie

One of Ibiza's popular Concierge openly advertise a 15% fee for arranging your VIP reservations. If you are accustomed to booking €5000 club VIP tables - that's an additional €750.

We do not charge for assisting our clients with reservations. The example above demonstrates that by simply switching to our daily private chauffeur service can save you thousands of euros over a full week. Once we've saved you more than our daily rate... you're effectively making a profit by hiring us!

still not convinced? Look at the numbers:

Option 1: Using Your Concierge:

VIP Table: €5000

Your Concierge Fee: 15% = €750

Alternative Chauffeur Service: €600

Total = €6'350 euros

Option 2: Hire us!

VIP Table: €5000

We Book Your Table: €00:00

Our Chauffeur Service: €695

Total = €5'695 euros

In Option 1 you probably pay your concierge a small fee to organize a lower price chauffeur service at €600 per day - but we're still better value because we do not charge for any concierge assistance! Add Beach Club & evening restaurant reservations to this days' activities and you're saving money every time you ask us to assist you...

"some clients joke with us that they get a free full-time chauffeur for the whole week... simply because we save them more money than we charge for our service!"

Not All Ibiza Limousine Service Are Equal

When we launched our chauffeured Limo service in Ibiza back in 1997 there was very little competition. As we've mentioned above - our fleet of vehicles is operated by our parent company Diplomat Protection Group - an Internationally acclaimed Private Security Company providing professional bodyguards to high-profile travellers in Europe. Back in 1997 there were no suitable chauffeur services to combine with our security services - so we had no choice but to introduce our own high-end car service in Ibiza. This move was part of the ongoing evolution of our company. Today our regular clientele view us a premium single-point contact for their visits to Ibiza.

Fast forward 23 years since our humble beginnings and our Limo service in Ibiza still has a strong focus on the safety, security & privacy of our clientele. There may be an abundance of competition in Ibiza for Limousine Chauffeur services, but very few of them are legal or of the calibre of our in-house private driver services.

If you are a VIP traveller who avoids settling for 2nd best - choosing our team to assist you in Ibiza is a decision you will never regret!