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About Ibiza VIP Chauffeur Co.

Maybe you didn't know - but 'Ibiza VIP Chauffeurs' is a service operated by Ibiza's premier Private Security company: 'Diplomat Protection Group®'. This doesn't mean you have to hire Professional Bodyguards to access our car service - Ibiza VIP Chauffeurs operates as an independent service, specifically for clientele seeking a superior private driver service in Ibiza.


As a top-level security company, we apply our high standards to everything that we do... so you can expect exceptional reliability plus a strong focus on customer care. Our team members are helpful, kind people with the knowledge & expertise to make sure our clients avoid the negative elements that could spoil the perfect day! These qualities, combined with an impressive fleet of vehicles are not common here in Ibiza... next time you visit, why not try us!


"We're here to make sure our clients travel in style... a reliable, high quality, English-Speaking, professional chauffeur service by Ibiza's Premier Private Security Company".


We do not use 'photos of new model vehicles to mislead you - our cars are supplied by our fleet partner who we've worked with for more than 15 years. We have priority access to brand new vehicles every season.


When we launched our chauffeur service in Ibiza back in 1997 there was very little competition. There were no suitable chauffeur services to compliment our VIP security services - so we had no choice but to introduce our own high-end car service in Ibiza. This move was part of the ongoing evolution of our company. Today our regular clientele view us a premium single-point contact for their visits to Ibiza.


Fast forward 26 years since our humble beginnings and our Limo service in Ibiza still has a strong focus on the safety, security & privacy of our clientele. There may be an abundance of competition in Ibiza for Private Chauffeur services, but our unparalleled standards & experience in the Private Security Industry isn't something they can duplicate or apply to their services.


If you are a VIP traveller who avoids settling for 2nd best - choosing our team to assist you in Ibiza is a logical decision.


Need more information about the Diplomat Protection Group?

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